Nominee Director Services For Singapore

The Companies Act requires that each company must appoint one Singapore resident director. If you are based overseas and do not have a local director, you can appoint an independent Resident Local Director to satisfy this statutory requirement.

What is a local director?

Local directors must be either a citizen or a permanent resident of Singapore and is required to be ‘ordinarily resident in Singapore’. Many company registration services offer the services of a nominee director as part of an incorporation package, making complying with this particular stipulation simple.

This service is typically provided on a short-term or annual basis:


  • If you do not intend to relocate to Singapore, you would need a resident director on an annual basis.
  • If you are relocating and intend to apply for an employment pass, you may only require a resident director temporarily. When you eventually receive your employment pass, the director can resign and you are able to take over as the local resident director.

Nominee directors represent your interests on the board and all registration companies allow you to transfer the directorship to yourself or to another member of the business upon satisfying the local residency requirement.

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