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Corporate Secretary and Local Resident Director

A Singapore company requires a local registered office where all official documents, notices and court papers can be sent and where all statutory records are kept for the company. The address must be a physical location, not just a post office box, and must be open to public for at least five hours during business hours. This is because people have the right to visit this office to inspect certain registers and documents, and to deliver documents by hand.

Choosing the right secretary

Consider who you appoint as your company secretary diligently, as all statutory records of the company are kept in their office.  The company secretary will maintain the statutory registers, remind you of statutory deadlines and assist you with statutory compliance in respect of meetings, resolutions and submissions. The company secretary should also be able to help you to prepare and file the annual return with Companies Registrar and annual tax return with Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

If you are not yet resident in Singapore, then you will need to consider that at least one Director on the Board of a Singapore Company must be a Singapore resident.  This may result in a chicken and egg situation as you may not be able to apply for Singapore residency until your company has been incorporated and you may not be able to incorporate until you are Singapore resident.

The guide covers this issue in some more detail and considers some of the various options.

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